Swimming Pool Upgrades

Upgrading is exciting because there are so many new innovative choices for making your pool the best ever!

Whether it is a Residential or Commercial Pool we can help.

Swimming Pool Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades

Filters, Salt Systems, Automation, Lighting

Pool Decking Upgrades

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As the saying goes… “One mans’ trash is another mans’ treaure”; it is also true that there is not a one size fits all in the “Upgrade” catagory of a swimming pool.

There are so many different options on every type of surface materials, decking and equipment, that one has to consider the opinion or wants and needs of the person or persons using and maintaining the pool.

Ease of use, functionality, integration, reliability, or esthetics just to name a few.

Swimming Pool Upgrades

Why have a boring swimming pool when you can have a fabulous backyard living space that will bring years of enjoyment which will enhance your swimming experience but also increase your home’s resale value!

Swimming Pool Upgrades

Just in the “Pool” Category there are many choices in how the pool and pool area can and will look. On a pool resurface is Plaster better than Pebble and then there’s Quartz to consider also. Which do you need? Want? What are the Pros and Cons of each?


Then there is the Decking. There are many options if the concrete is damaged, stained, sinking. You can remove and replace which is fairly costly or you can sometimes just do an overlay. But, which overlay?


These pool upgrades don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We can stick within your budget and upgrade your pool with something new, useful and fun!

swimming pool upgrades

Add an overflow spa to your existing pool!

Did you think of this?

A few swimming pool upgrades to consider:

Add Additional Lighting or switch to LED

  • A single incandecent white pool light does little to enhance nighttime swimming. Consider upgrading to multicolored LED lighting for a modern, colorful alternative to white lights. LED lighting provides the option to colorize the water with bright and vibrant colors. Or even add an additional light outlet.
  • If you have older lights on your pool, it’s definitely time to upgrade. The old fiber optic lights are probably losing their color and vibrancy. The newer LED lights will also use less energy and help you cut costs on your electric bills.

Add a Water Feature like a Waterfall, Fountain or Overflow Spa

  • A pool fountain or waterfall breathes life into a pool and creates luxurious appeal for a reasonable price. You can even add an overflow spa to your existing pool!

Add Sprayers to the Deck

  • Sprayers and similar water features install without much hassle on most any pool design, and they add extra motion and sound for a lively swimming experience.

Add an Automatic Water Fill

  • Automatic water levelers automatically refill the pool when water evaporates, keeping the water level even and full.

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Pool Sanitizing Systems cool

Chlorine or Salt?

Pool Filter Systems cool

Sand – Cartridge – DE

Automatic Water Levelers

Ensure that you always have the right water level when it’s time to swim.

Swimming Pool Automation

Fully integrated automation with Alexa or Google Home.

Pool Deck Overlay  cool

A pool deck overlay can give your old deck a fresh new look

LED Lighting

Led is eco-friendly, lasts longer, and cost less.

Waterline Tiles cool

A whole new look, without installing a whole new pool.

Energy Effecient Pumps

The energy savings will pay for the cost of installing the new pump. 

Pool Resurfacing cool

Pool resurfacing is a great way to start a renovation!

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