Whats so great about a Salt Water Pool?

For one thing, its better on the environment!
And to be sure, there’s NO more red eyes, irritated skin, damaged hair or faded bathing suits.


How Does it Work?

Pool salt is dissolved into the water and subsequently, the water is then subjected to a simple process of electrolysis within the salt cell. Consequently, a very effective water sanitizer is produced.

More comfortable swimming environment.

Users enjoy the natural therapeutic and health benefits of the mild salt water. In addition, there are none of the obnoxious effects usually suffered with manually-chlorinated water.

Environmentally and Eco Positive

The Saltwater Pool System eliminates the need to purchase, transport and store strong ‘pool-chlorine’ type chemicals. And above all, uses only pure natural salt that is markedly more pleasant on your skin and eyes.

Tired of Irritated eyes and skin? With this in mind, Georgia Pool Solutions can take care of that with a saltwater pool system!

Pool Salt Water System

Salt water pool installation

Above all, the salt water is gentle on your skin and entire body. Therefore, you won’t experience red or irritated eyes and you won’t feel sticky after a swim.


In addition to the health benefits, you can expect lowering operating costs by up to 50%.  Moreover, salt water is more effective than regular chlorine tabs, for instance.


Benefits of a saltwater pool system:

  • Saltwater Systems are Natural and Healthier
  • Saltwater Systems helps prevent algae growth
  • Environmentally and Eco Friendly
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • More comfortable than traditional chlorine
  • Produces sparkling clear, safe pool water
  • Most Saltwater Pool Systems have easy to read indicators or can be integrated with popular Smart home systems

In addition, with a saltwater pool system, properly sized for its application, will eliminate the need to add other chemicals. As a result, ‘pool chlorine’ and ‘shock’ is not needed as much.

Furthermore, the sanitizer is produced automatically within the unit and involves no handling, storage or adding of chlorine to the water.

saltwater pool system

In essence, a salt-water purification system provides on-site production of the sanitizer that is needed to maintain clear water. And most imortantly, a safe, healthy and algae-free environment. Definately, let Georgia Pool Solutions do a salt water pool installation today!

Above all, add comfort and safety to your new or existing pool with a
saltwater pool system!

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