Swimming Pool Repairs

We will start with diagnostics and walk you through any swimming pool repairs that your pool or pool area may need.

Whether it is a Residential or Commercial Pool we can help.

At Georgia Pool Solutions, we offer a wide variety of expert swimming pool repairs for residential and commercial clients throughout North Georgia. We’re ready to help you get your pool back into working order, with any of the following services:

Equipment Diagnosis

Heater Diagnosis

Pool Sanitizing Systems

Lighting Diagnosis

Technical Support


We have the tools and skills to handle a wide range of pool-related issues, and we make it our business to offer our customers thorough, dependable service.

We also offer technical support on all equipment that we install.


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Equipment Diagnostics

Your pool equipment is the heart and lungs of your pool, if the equipment isn’t working properly the pool most likely won’t stay clean or even sanitized properly.

Swimming Pool Repairs
swimming pool repairs

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Heater Installation or Issues

Installing a swimming pool heater is a great idea if you want to add more swim time to your season!

If you already have a heater and it isn’t working the way you want it to, we can determine the problem and fix it or if necessary replace or remove it.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Pool Sanitizing Systems

Your pool sanitization system is what keeps your pool clean and healthy for swimming. There are many types of sanitizing systems. It is very important that it is working.

pool repairs salt system
pool repairs lighting

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming Pool Lighting

Is the light bulb out or is it the whole unit? The cost can be very different for these 2 problems. Determining what the issue is before you replace one or the other can reduce some frustration.

There are also new LED lights that last much longer and come in color changing schemes that you can operate from your phone!

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