Pool Equipment Upgrades

Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades



Run your pool from your phone!

Salt System Upgrades

Filter System Upgrades

Cartridge – DE – Sand

Pool Lighting Upgrades

Change to LED or Colored LED!

Swimming Pool Automation

You can have as little automation such as simply turning on the pool lights on your phone or turning the pump on or off, to fully integrated automation with Alexa or Google Home.

pool equipment upgrades

Pool Filter Systems

There are a few different filtration systems and it mostly comes down to personal preference. There are 3 main choices – Cartridge, DE (Diatomacious Earth) and Sand. Each has its pros and cons.

pool equipment upgrades

Pool Lighting Options

Have incandecent? Want LED? Want Color?
Incandecent light bulbs can be changed to money saving LED light bulbs or LED color light bulbs, without necessarily changing the whole unit. Depending on the amount of automation you want or need.

pool equipment upgrades

Pool Sanitizing Systems

Just like filtration systems the Sanitizing system of your pool is a personal one, most people enjoy the salt systems as it has many benefits. However, some just like good ole’ standard chlorine sticks. And, there is also UV which can be used in a spa and uses ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria and algae.

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