A look at  pool equipment troubleshooting and what can be done.

Pool Equipment Troubleshooting


Pool Equipment Troubleshooting

Not sure what the issue is with your equipment? Maybe a pool pump that is loud? A pool pump with priming issues? Maybe pool heater issues or leaky components?

Common equipment problelms include:


  • Pumps, Filters and Motors
  • Lighting
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Timers
  • Valves and pipes (leaking)
  • Heaters/Chillers
  • Salt Water Systems

Georgia Pool Solutions can give you complete pool equipment troubleshooting, diagnose the problem then repair or replace the equipment.

All mechanical systems and equipment is subject to failure at some point or another. This includes the pump, filter system, and many other components of your pool.

troubleshooting pool equipment

From fixing simple leaks to a complete pumproom overhaul.

GPS’s service professionals are trained experts in the installation and repair of all major pool equipment, old and new.

We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured so don’t trust your investment to anyone else!

Pool equipment can malfunction and, after years of ownership, begin to deteriorate. If you are experiencing problems with your swimming pool pump, motor or other equipment, use the chart below to help you identify the possible cause of the problem. If you don’t see your problem listed here, or need more help, please contact the experts at Georgia Pool Solutions, who are ready to help with any pool equipment problems you have.

Pool pump wont catch prime

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Faulty suction in plumbing lines.

Check hoses and fittings for air leaks, and repair if necessary.

Filter severely clogged.

Clean and/or replace filter cartridges, sand, or diatomaceous earth.

Impeller clogged with debris.

Clean or replace impeller (normal time for some pumps to prime is 2 to 5 minutes).

Faulty seal in pump lid gasket.

Replace gaskets and/or tighten bolts between motor and pump, or lid.

Pump lid not tight.

Tighten the lid.

Motor continually makes a very loud noise

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Worn bearings.

Replace bearings or replace the motor.

Dirt is coming into the pool from the returns

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Sand filter multi-port spider gasket misaligned or broken.

Fix spider gasket or other faulty parts in valve.

Cartridge filter cartridges allowing water over or under element, or tear in material.

Replace cartridges

DE filter with cracked manifolds or ripped or torn grids/fingers.

Replace parts or buy a new filter.

Pressure never goes down on the gauge

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Defective pressure gauge.

Turn pump on and immediately turn off. If needle does not move, replace gauge.

Sand filter not filtering due to old sand.

Remove and replace sand.

Pump basket filled with debris.

Clean pump basket.

Filter doesn't seem to clean the pool

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Defective filter, or filter too small.

Replace defective parts, replace filter or add additional filter.

There is sand all over the bottom of the pool

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Broken lateral in sand filter.

Replace lateral or filter.

Water leaks out of the waste line

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Sand filter multi-port spider gasket

is misaligned or broken.

Replace spider gasket.

Heater won’t warm up the pool
Possible Cause Probable Solution
Heater not cycling Replace flow switch
Filter Clogged Clean filter
Not enough gas from line Check with local heat and air professional to check gas flow
Heater won’t turn on Check switch or replace heater
Saltwater System Common Readings

Possible Cause

Probable Solution

Reading – NO FLOW

Clear filters and skimmers of debris


Clean or replace salt cell

Reading – NONE

Replace Motherboard

Expert swimming pool equipment diagnosis services. Trust our professional technicians. We analyze the situation to effectively repair what is needed to resolve the problem.

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