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Home in Cumming, Ga – Pool and Courtyard Remodel
Pool is located in a courtyard that was not being utilized to the full potential. The small pool had been painted and the old paint was flaking off, the waterline tile was glass and was coming off into the pool. The concrete had been covered in a pebble material and was old and coming off. The courtyard had VERY poor drainage and the gutters from the house were just dumping into the courtyard. We went in and removed all the pebble from the decking, removed all the old paint from the pool and removed the glass tiles. We repainted the pool and reinstalled new beautiful ceramic tiles. While removing the pebble from the concrete we found that the underlying concrete was damaged in places and the deck drains were clogged so we removed and repaired them and also added tubing under the concrete for the gutters to drain into, thereby solving the drainage issues. We then coated the concrete with the cooling knockdown texture and sealed it with a beautiful carribean cream color.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Home in Cumming, Ga – Pool and Pool Deck Remodel
This pool and pool area was in very bad shape. It had indoor/outdoor carpet on the pool decking; which when removed showed concrete that was covered in a very rough “shell” like covering that was coming off in large chunks that had to be removed. The pool was in desparate need of resurfacing and the tile was coming off. We went in and removed all the old concrete from around the pool and repoured new concrete. We removed the old tile and reinstalled beautiful new tile and resurfaced the pool in a deep blue pebbel finish. We then applied a “texture coat” to the concrete that provides a cooling effect and did a 2 tone color to it. We also added additional lighting to the pool, a heater, a saltwater system, a polaris port with polaris and an additional skimmer.




Swimming Pool Remodeling

KOA Park in Blue Ridge, Ga – Full Build

More Completed Projects

Community Pool Renovation

In this commercial project we resurfaced the pool and replaced the outdated waterline tile.  In addition, we installed a safety cover and added texture and color to the decking for a “cooling” effect.

Homeowner Pool Remodel

Homeowner purchased the home with a non functional and outdated pool. We resurfaced the pool in a beautiful blue pebbel, stripped the damaged concrete out and installed new with an addition for a spa, then covered the deck in a texture coat.

Homeowner Pool Coping and Tile Replacement

This was a homeowner that was tired of the flagstone coping. Since it had not been sealed properly and was therefore becoming unsightly, removal was necessary. In order to repair it we removed the old flagstone and put in beautiful travertine. We also changed out the outdated and damaged waterline tile.

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