Concrete Pool Deck Extension or Additions


Need More Space? or Need to fill in a space? We are here to help!

Add to existing patio or pool deck

Remove broken concrete and add new

Add more space for lounging or an outdoor kitchen!

Get more space for lounging…
let Georgia Pool Solutions add to your existing pool deck!

Many pools are sold with a concrete surround, usually only big enough for a couple of chairs, and a plant or two.

Homeowners who are serious about using their pool as a true outdoor living area find a typical slab surround is just too small for entertaining or any real kind of enjoyment.

The solution: Give it a concrete pool deck extension! Pouring additional concrete around your pool or just in a small area gives you much more space for entertaining.  

Concrete Pool Deck Extensions and Additions

You can add a space for a grill or a whole outdoor kitchen!

concrete pool deck extension

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